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Integrated Care Pathways

Our Integrated Care Pathways (ICP) approach is tailored around the patient and providers needs to ensure exceptional outcomes. Our approach involves likeminded healthcare providers collaborating as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Joining Active+ ICP offers the best of both worlds - the opportunity to participate in ICP while maintaining clinical  autonomy to deliver care in the way you best see fit. Experience the benefits of seamless collaboration and patient-centric care with Active+ ICP.

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The Active+ difference

We are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and a strong advocate for the rehabilitation sector. We are a supplier focusing on supporting first and foremost all independent clinics and allied health providers. With over three decades of trusted and client-centered service, our primary focus is on empowering our extensive network of over 1,100 healthcare professionals to deliver the best patient outcomes. This is done by providing excellent contract support and the funding required to deliver services. 

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Benefits to joining our Active+ ICP Team

  • As an allied health led company, we have rehabilitation at our core which translates into strong support for all of our independent physio clinics and allied health providers.
  • You can maintain your clinical autonomy while delivering the ICP MSK contract through Active+.
  • You will have control over bundle funding to enable optimum client care and strong financial remuneration.
  • We will provide the infrastructure which means we are removing the hassle and administrative burden for you.
  • Providers are paid bundles for period of care; within a model intended to have shared benefits for all involved. 
  • Dedicated ICP team at Active+, who your practice will have a direct point of contact with. 

Having experience delivering the ECP pilot with ACC over the last 4 years, we are confident that our model provides physios and allied health with the most funding in a simple and user friendly way.